WireStage16th Street Theater debuts their Season Seven 2014: How to Be Good in a FREE event on Saturday, December 7 from 5:00 – 6:30 PM at Berwyn’s newest music venue WIRE at 6815 Roosevelt Road in Berwyn, Illinois. Enjoy WIRE’s cash bar while 16th Street performs excerpts from their 2014 Season Seven featuring four premieres by four female writers: Laura Jacqmin, Andrea Thome, EM Lewis and playwright-in-residence Shayne Kennedy.  Associate Artist and scenic designer Kurt Sharp will also be remembered at this event.

Be good.  I just want to be good. Get a good job. Live in a good neighborhood. Be a good citizen. Feel good. Look good. Have good things. Wanting to “do good” is one thing.  How it plays out is another.

In 2014 16th Street Theater confronts what it means to be good, how our good deeds are measured, and who gets to decide. We begin in Chicago’s Logan Square neighborhood where an affluent, African-American couple chooses to do good, whatever the consequences. We then venture up north and back in time to 1980 Wisconsin where two daughters of Chilean refugees try to make sense of their parents’ past and present. Next we take on America’s most dangerous subject: GUNS before traveling to the suburbs to discover dangers lurking right next door.  We finish up with holiday stories you have never heard before from three of 16th Street’s favorite writers: Elizabeth Berg, Robert Koon and Juan Francisco Villa.

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