written and performed by Minita Gandhi
Directed by Heidi Stillman
EXTENDED THRU October 21, 2017
Thursdays & Fridays @ 7:30 PM
Saturdays @ 5:00 PM and 8:00 PM

Muthaland is highly recommended by Chicago Tribune (3 stars!) Chicago Reader, New City, Oak Park Wednesday Journal, Rescripted, Buzz Center Stage and JEFF RECOMMENDED. Go to reviews tab to read more.

The familiar and the foreign swap roles in this true story of a quest for love, the fight for truth, and what happens when your mom finds your vibrator.

While foraging through her parents’ basement, Minita discovers her father’s worn suitcase from his very first journey to the United States, with a single statement scribbled in black Sharpie: “When I die, discard this bag if you like, until then it stays.”

Minita Gandhi shares her own life-changing journey to India in 2009 for her brother’s arranged marriage. Muthaland shares the magic of Minita’s journey to India, full of prophets, ritual, the convergence of American and Indian cultures and finding one’s own voice within a culture of silence.

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Moderated post-show dialogues follow Thursday and Friday performances.

Minita Gandhi


Highly Recommended! “Minita Gandhi grabs our attention and keeps it for the full 90 minutes of this rich, resonant, sometimes hilarious, at times deeply moving autobiographical piece.” – Jack Helbig, Chicago Reader

Highly Recommended! “. …It takes a lot of guts to stand in front of an audience and perform. It takes even more moxie to take intimate and traumatic parts of your life, find healing through pain and share your story truthfully. Yet, Minita Gandhi does just that with humor, heart and a gorgeous sari. Gandhi’s storytelling style turns a bare black stage into a sensorial experience akin to reading a well-written novel. Much of the show is utterly hilarious. However, the story takes an unexpected serious turn when Gandhi confronts her experiences of sexual assault and sexual shame.” Mary Kroeck, New City

“The wedding ceremony takes place in India, and the voyage to India yields a life-changing journey for Gandhi. Giving any more detail would result in spoilers; suffice to say that as her parents warned, India can be a terrifyingly hostile place for young, single women. Minus the cutesiness that defines the earlier scenes, Muthaland becomes an intense saga of bravery. Gandhi’s articulation of the events in ferocious, painful detail is all-encompassing. Gandhi is a powerful performer with an extraordinary story.” — Catey Sullivan, Chicago Theater Beat

Highly Recommended! “The lovely, highly energized Minita Gandhi is amazing to watch. Unlike many performances in the one-woman show genre, her vivid production of Muthaland is colorful and always provocative. The actress, who was born in Mumbai, India, but grew up in California, presents her touching, deeply personal story at 16th Street Theater in Berwyn. I predict Gandhi’s autobiographical play will be another sold-out hit for the company. She is both an outstanding Chicago playwright and a dynamic actress. Muthaland is a story of love and hope, trauma and forgiveness.” Doug Deuchler Oak Park Wednesday Journal

“Muthaland at 16th Street Theater is a one woman show written and performed by the talented Minita Gandhi. It’s a showcase for her dexterity and ability to create and inhabit characters we love, and characters who make our skin crawl, as she goes on a journey to her parents homeland.” – Regina Victor, Rescripted

Highly Recommended! Muthaland is a story that everybody in America who is aware of what they’ve chosen to keep from their ancestors’ culture can identify with in some way, and in refreshing contrast to a lot of other plays which make up the American theatre scene, it shows us what happens when a family we can admire encounters a crisis. Jacob Davis, Buzz Center Stage