Our Holiday Stories

by Elizabeth Berg, Rohina Malik and Tanya Saracho
Adapted and Directed by Ann Filmer
November 10- December 4, 2011

“This season we have a lot to be thankful for when it comes to new entertainment. The current production at 16th Street Theater in Berwyn… is especially dynamic and refreshing … a touching trio of short stories penned by three current, popular Chicago-area women: Elizabeth Berg, Rohina Malik, and Tanya Saracho. Rather than bemoaning the annual stress and commercialism of the holidays, these crisp new tales focus on family, but not in that sticky, Hallmark Channel warm-and-fuzzy way. Each of the strongly written seasonal tales is gripping and vividly presented.” — Doug Deuchler, Oak Park Journal

“Each of the three tales that comprise this evening of holiday stories is untraditional in its own way. Elizabeth Berg’s witty “Over the Hill and into the Woods” features an acerbic, sharp tongued, hilarious grandmother—the very opposite of the jolly, white-haired, Norman Rockwell archetype. Rohina Malik’s “Ramadan Moon” takes familiar Christmas themes (family, faith, small miracles) and uses them to tell a moving story set during the month-long annual Muslim fast. Tanya Saracho’s darkly comic “Our Good Night” chronicles one woman’s disillusioning trip home for the holidays. The pieces are presented with grace and energy, by four actors performing reader’s-theater-style, from scripts placed on music stands.” —Jack Helbig, Chicago Reader

“The lighting effects (Mac Vaughey) and sound (Barry Bennett) are the icing on the cake for this wonderful evening of hope, faith and resolve as written by three wonderful women and performed by three dynamic actresses and one glorious actor. The theater, located in the lower level of the Berwyn Cultural Center, a tiny, intimate, yet comfortable space has become one of Chicago’s top theaters.” – Al Bresloff, Around the Town Chicago