Our Dad Is In Atlantis

by Javier Malpica
Translated by Jorge Ignacio Cortiñas
Directed by Ann Filmer
April 15- May 21, 2011

“Outstanding… Malpica’s fine script, beautifully translated from the original Spanish by Jorge Ignacio Cortinas, unspools in rural Mexico through a series of brief self-contained sketches. Each focuses on a specific topic: ‘Stuff about . . . Dad (Mom, God and Heaven, Family, the Gringos and the Desert).’” –Tom Witom, Pioneer Press
“Javier Malpica’s stunning parable views life on the brink through innocent eyes… should be required viewing in Arizona schools.”
–John Beer, Time Out Four Stars!
In Mexico, an 11 year-old boy and his 8-year old brother are left behind with relatives they barely know when their widowed father goes to the United States to find work. We witness snapshots of their dreams and fears while they take care of each other, imagine their future and navigate a journey well beyond their years.

photos from the show