by Robert Koon
directed by Ann Filmer
September 9- October 16, 2010

On the island of Menorca, an archeological dig reveals human remains. Ollie (Alesandese), a woman of Basque origin, is there. She is with her students and James, her boss who is also her lover. In the Southern California desert, a border is being watched and guarded. Ollie is there too, with George, a Mexican- American border patrol agent, when more human bones are discovered. The present intrudes on the past as boundaries are set, crossed, and broken. All in the search for the identity of a woman misplaced.

Robert Koon’s plays include Vintage Red and the Dust of the Road (Jeff Award for New Work), St. Colm’s Inch and Odin’s Horse. Menorca was developed at the William Inge Theatre Festival. This is its world premiere.

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MENORCA is Jeff-Recommended!
Recommended by New City (5 shows to See Now) and Chicago Reader!

“thought-provoking…Menorca digs deep into identity, place…” Tom Witom, Pioneer Press

“Kirsten D’Aurelio is captivating…Menorca’s philosophical rigor is stunning.” Neal Ryan Shaw New City

“director Ann Filmer’s sure hand keeps this pensive, densely layered story moving swiftly and gracefully… Juan Gabriel Ruiz is a perfect foil as the guard–earthy, smart, and completely unfazed by Ollie’s haunted, ambivalent manner.” Dan Weissmann, Chicago Reader

“engrossing small-stage theater… Koon deploys a sober, nuanced immigrant’s tale that stands in refreshing contrast to the bombast and hysteria of our time.” Ryan Dolley, Time Out

“Menorca is most definitely a coup for the ambitious 16th Street Theater, whose mission of original work is courageous and inspiring. This is a work that will linger with you beyond its two hours running time.” Joe Stead, Steadstyle Chicago