Dental Society Midwinter Meeting

by Laura Jacqmin
directed by Megan Shuchman
February 24- March 26. 2011

“superbly written…believable dialogue, fascinatingly flawed characters, and short, punchy scenes…the show grabs on and doesn’t let go…Highly Recommended”
— Jack Helbig Chicago Reader

“Jacqmin’s passionate morality play in the guise of a super-smart comedy of manners is bound to hit a nerve. Highly Recommended!”
–Hedy Weiss, Chicago Sun-Times

16th Street tells the stories of ALL in our community, so yes: even the dentists!!!

Following a scandal of molar-sized proportions, the North Shore Regional Dental Society has gathered to debate the future of Midwestern dentistry as they know it. After NSRDS president Morris J. Morris, Jr. is caught with his pants down — and his dental drill up — the dentists can’t help but question: in a field obsessed with profit over health, where morality has taken a backseat to the latest fads in composite fillings, how can a group of upright dental professionals (looking for something more… filling) actually make a difference?

Read all about DENTAL SOCIETY in Renee Tomell’s interview with playwright Laura Jacqmin in My Suburban Life.