Tony Churchill


TonyChurchillANTHONY CHURCHILL is a Chicago-based media and set designer for theatre and collaborates on dozens of plays, events, and installations each year. Some of the companies he has designed with or at in the past season include, Theatre Wit, Stage Left, Big Noise, The Museum of Broadcast Communications, The Marriott Lincolnshire Theatre, and BoHo Theatre Co, which he is a company member of. He has designed both projections and sets at 16th Street, with Graveyard of Empires and The Book Club Play. In addition to his work in theatre, Tony loves building tiny astronauts in peril and playing projections with his band, Grape Juice Plus.

Production History

+ Blizzard ’67 (Projections)
+ The Book Club Play (Scenic/Projections)
+ Graveyard of Empires (Scenic/Projections)