Joanna Iwanicka

JoannaIwanickaJoanna Iwanicka
(set design) This is Joanna’s fourth thrilling collaboration with 16th Street Theater, where she designed sets for Merchild, Pinkolandia and The Art of Disappearing. She is a Chicago based theatre designer and artisan. She created sets for Haven Theatre (Seminar, Last Train to Nibroc), Strawdog Theatre (Sweeter Option, Great Expectations, Improbable Frequency), Oracle (No Beast So Fierce, The President, Romulus), Trap Door Theatre (Balcony, Core of the Pudel), Rivendell Theater Ensemble (Electric Baby, WRENS), Lifeline Theatre (Monstrous Regiment) to name a few. Joanna’s upcoming projects include set designs for Sparky! for Lifeline Theatres kid series and Rolling with the Jackalope Theatre. Her comprehensive portfolio can be viewed at