Grant Sabin



grantsabinGrant Sabin (Scenic Designer) A native of rural Illinois, Grant blends his rural roots with urban art. He’s a recipient of the 2015 Michael Maggio Emerging Designer Award. He is known throughout Chicago for his keen eye in capturing atmospheric detail and his ability to design “impressively executed sets” on a storefront-theater budget. His designs have been seen at Northlight, Victory Garden, Steppenwolf , Next, The Royal George, Overture Center WI., Theatre Witt, Gallagher Bluedorn IA., American Blues, ATC, The House, The Hypocrites, Christina Isabelle Dance, The Seldoms Dance and A Red Orchid. He was nominated for a Joseph Jefferson award for his designs of American Blues Theatre’s Yankee Tavern, A Red Orchid’s production of The Sea Horse and Dog & Pony’s production of Mr. Marmalade. He was recently named one of the Top 50 Players in Chicago Theatre by New City Magazine. Grant is currently a part-time faculty member at Columbia College.

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