IUsedtobeAfraidDoug Deuchler in Oak Park’s Wednesday Journal writes: “I’ve seen a lot of productions at 16th Street Theater in Berwyn the past couple of years, but their latest one, Broken Fences, is definitely one of the best. I wish everyone could experience this touching, insightful play. Though it’s not a comedy, it’s often very funny.

This strong work unapologetically confronts the complexities of blacks and whites co-existing in a contemporary urban setting. It’s one of those shows where the characters seem so real that I’m still thinking about them many days after opening night. A solid ensemble vividly portrays sympathetic people who deal with issues of race, economics, and gender.

Forcefully written by Chicago playwright Steven Simoncic, Broken Fences is co-directed by Ann Filmer and Ilesa Duncan. One is white, one is black.”

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