Into the Beautiful North has been Highly Recommended by Catey Sullivan in Chicago Sun-Times! Now extended thru June 17, June performances have the best ticket availability.

“Nunez and Filmer manage to capture both the vast scope of the story and the singular details that make it unique. Their eight-person ensemble throws its collective heart into the staging, delivering a drama that feels like it features a cast of hundreds.

As Nayeli, Ilse Zacharias is a formidable presence – and not just because the character is ferociously good at karate. Zacharias captures the wide-eyed innocence of a young woman who has never traveled beyond her hometown, and the fierceness of a born warrior. Her evolution is subtle but unmistakable.

Filmer and Nunez did well in luring former Chicagoan Esteban Andres Cruz back from L.A. for the production. As Tacho, Cruz serves up a mix of vulnerability and don’t-mess-with-me strength, giving the unapologetically gay Tacho a spine of steel.

Zacharias leads the ensemble, but its undeniable anchor is Laura Crotte as Nayeli’s aunt Tia Irma. Irma is both the mayor of Tres Camerones and Mexico’s reigning bowling champ – both of which are altogether believable in Crotte’s unabashedly sensuous and uncompromisingly imperious Irma. It’s a powerhouse performance that may well leave you wishing Tia Irma were real, and considering a run for office Stateside.”

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