AAA_6843_Aicardi-700GBCatey Sullivan interviews playwright Karen Zacarias and director Kevin Christopher Fox about The Book Club Play now extended through May 28 at 16th Street Theater. “Zacarias penned the play after her own experience in a book club.”

“The thing with book clubs is that they can become so inherently dramatic, so absolutely tribal,” she says. “When my husband and I started our own book club, I remember talking to an ex-Secret Service member about it, because he’d been in a book club for over 20 years. The one thing he kept repeating was that I’d have to be ruthless. If I wanted the club to survive, I’d have to be ruthless. I was like, ruthless? Seriously? For a book club?”

Read Catey Sullivan’s entire feature in Chicago Tribune’s Pioneer Press here.

Pictured: Jesse Dornan as ALEX in The Book Club Play. Photo by Anthony Aicardi.