DoGooderPromoCatey Sullivan in Pioneer Press writes: “Good.” Such a simple word, right? It’s what we’re trained to be from birth, a term that serves as the practical and spiritual guidepost that inform infinite decisions over the course of a lifetime and keeps the world from lapsing into mean-spirited nastiness. It’s also a concept that is turned inside out and upside down in Laura Jacqmin’s provocative new play Do-Gooder, opening in previews Jan. 16 at Berwyn’s 16th Street Theater.

Directed by Ann Filmer, Do-Gooder digs into the sticky ethical thicket that can accompany doing good and explores the sometimes not-so-good motivations behind acts of seeming selflessness. If that sounds like a philosophical symposium more than a drama, rest assured that Jacqmin has written a crackling drama with Do-Gooder. This is a piece with heart, smarts and a whole lot of barbed humor.

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