CarmelGordon.jpgDoug Deuchler in Oak Park’s Wednesday Journal writes: “The new production at 16th Street Theater, Do-Gooder, is a perfect example of what this intrepid company does best: It’s an edgy, urban drama with a fascinating social message yet it never comes across as preachy or didactic.

I keep banging the drum for this outstanding troupe in Berwyn. But if you’ve not yet ventured over there, just four blocks south of Oak Park, this show — a “world premiere” — is an especially strong experience. It’s absorbing, well cast, dynamic, and one of those works that makes you see things with different eyes. It has been Jeff-recommended.

16th Street Theater, for six seasons, has produced works by 23 Illinois playwrights. The company definitely has a niche that sets them apart. Their post-show dialogues with their audiences probe the themes and conflicts within each production. Best of all, their admission price is affordable. The top ticket is $18.

Chicago playwright Laura Jacqmin‘s new work, Do-Gooder, is attention-grabbing from the get-go. Director Ann Filmer has mounted a tight, realistic and involving production.”

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