Season General Auditions

Season Eleven 2018: Heroes

16th Street is seeking women, men and non-binary actors of all ethnic backgrounds. For roles where ethnicity is not stated, character can be played by any ethnicity. Roles range from early 20s to early 40s. Also seeking a young person age 10-14 for role of Natalie/Nate.

Scripts for all shows in season are available to read in person at AEA office, in person at 16th Street Theater or now read online at New Play Exchange – which costs $10 per year but with access to read and download 10,000 scripts by living playwrights (uh-huh, that’s right!), it is a pretty incredible resource and the cost of 3 Starbucks drinks. We know how you always be looking for monologues!

Audition sides available for download below.

by Kathleen Cahill
Directed by Ann Filmer
First Reh Dec 11, 2017
Perf Jan 11 – Feb 17, 2018

By Ike Holter
Directed by Lili-Anne Brown
First Reh March 5, 2018
Perf March 29 – May 5, 2018

By Aline Lathrop
Directed by Ann Filmer
First Reh June 18
Perf July 12 – August 18, 2018

By J. Joseph Cox
Directed by TBA
First Reh Aug 27
Perf Sep 20 – Oct 27, 2018

Mon June 26 10am – 6pm for non-equity and AEA at 16th Street Theater, 6420 16th Street in Berwyn
Tues June 27 12pm – 8pm for non-equity and AEA at 16th Street Theater, 6420 16th Street in Berwyn
Wed June 28 10am – 5pm for AEA and EMC at AEA Office on Randolph in Chicago

To Make Audition Appointment
Non-equity actors please submit headshot and resume to casting(at) to request an audition appointment for either June 26 or June 27 noting any time restrictions. You must notate which side you will be reading. Include phone number in body of email. We will confirm your audition time by email.
AEA actors please make appt thru AEA Casting Call for Wed June 28. If you can’t make Wed, email casting(at) for an audition appt at 16th Street on June 26 or 27. See above.

One one-minute contemporary monologue plus prepare one side of your choice available for download below.

To Bring to Audition
Bring headshot and resume

Roles available and Sides:
HARBUR GATE by Kathleen Cahill
CHAD SIDE: An Army veteran. Age 27. Gay, likes to dress in women’s clothes.
CAREY SIDE: An Army veteran, worked as a medic on the convoy between Harbur Gate and Mosul. Age 26. A lesbian.
RUSSO SIDE: Male. Sergeant in the Marine Corps, age 21.
ALYSON MOSS SIDE: A Sergeant in the Marine Corps, age 27.
MICHELLE SIDE: A veteran, age 26.
JOHN SIDE: Age 31. A painter. He is blind.

ABE SIDE 1 or ABE SIDE 2: Early 30’s, Latino. Stammers. Never knows what to do with his body. Honest to a point,quick temper; always on the bottom but won’t give up.
MIRANDA SIDE: Latina. Abe’s sister. Finally escaping from a messed up past; over energetic and eager to fight for any cause. Thirsty for the next step. Loves her brother something fierce. Kind and approachable but will lay down the law without question.
NUNLEY SIDE: Black. Owns a deli. Abe’s boss. Guy’s guy, fast talking, people person, aggressive and territorial. Big Brother to tall hose without.
JAMES SIDE: White. Cop. Nice guy. Plays dumb. Fiercely intelligent. Old school Chicago. Drinks too much beer. Physically imposing but strangely conversational. Wants to do the right thing, even if it’s wrong. Never has to shout; there is no question of his authority.
FRIDA SIDE: Latina. Reporter / Journalist. Free spirit who’s a bit broken down by the system. Has to fight for everything, even when the stakes are low. Knows what she wants. Smooth talker until she needs to strike hard and fast. Can read the instructions on the back of a cereal box and make it sound like an expose.

THE HERO’S WIFE by Aline Lathrop
KARYSSA SIDE Early 20’s, a fitness instructor
CAMERON SIDE 40’s, a recently retired Navy SEAL

KOALAS by J. Joseph Cox:
RAY-SIDE: Male. Early 30’s.
JOHN-SIDE: Male. 29. Ray’s brother.
NATALIE-NATE SIDE: Ray’s child. 10 years old. Girl on outside. Boy on inside. Doubles as Young Ray.
GABBY-SIDE: Female. 39. Ray’s neighbor.
THEO-SIDE: Male or non-binary. A koala. Played by a human vaguely dressed as a koala.
YOUNG RAY: Male, but played by a female or non-binary. 10. Doubles as Natalie/Nate. A figment of Ray’s imagination.

COMPENSATION: CAT Tier 1 currently $246.25 per week plus full health and pension. Non-equity pay is $123 per week for rehearsals and performances.

Auditions, rehearsals and performances at 16th Street Theater, 6420 16th Street, Berwyn, IL 60402
Email casting(at) with questions.
Artistic Director Ann Filmer and Casting Director Stephanie Diaz have casting authority.