GSC_8049_640Steven Simoncic’s “Broken Fences” is being staged at 16th Street Theater in Berwyn, not far from the East Garfield Park neighborhood in which Simoncic’s story of gentrification takes place.

The setting, a pair of inner-city backyards, echoes 16th Street’s 2011 production of Rebecca Gilman’s “The Crowd You’re In With,” in which three North Side couples wrestled with the question of procreation over barbecue and beer. But where the well-heeled white folks in that play felt stuck on the navel-gazing arrested-development issues of the relatively privileged class, at least one of the couples in Simoncic’s play (co-directed by Ilesa Duncan and 16th Street artistic director Ann Filmer) faces the prospect of displacement that isn’t just psychological in nature.

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