ISC_6024_550GB Kerry Reid’s 3 Star review in Chicago Tribune: “guns and the things that they allow us to do for and to each other and ourselves are so baked in the bread of American daily life that it’s numbing to consider the big picture. Perhaps the only way we can see it is through the most personalized of lenses.

That’s what Lewis provides in this world premiere, directed by Kevin Christopher Fox. But though the stories are hers, the voice and body onstage belong to Juan Francisco Villa. Villa, who brought his own family’s experience with violence to 16th Street in 2013 with his indelible solo “Empanada for a Dream,” keeps Lewis’ script in hand for the entire 75-minute show, as required by the playwright.

But rest assured, this is not a staged reading. And Lewis herself is a literal presence in the audience as Villa enacts her five personal variations on the theme of guns.”

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